Monday, January 2, 2012


Chile is... extremely hot. like yesterday on the news it says that there is or was a huge forest fire not too far from where i am. and you could actually see the smoke yesterday from where we were. pretty intense. speaking of fire.. new years in chile was pretty crazy. apparently here in the city of Penco especially, they build these giant things of branches and dummies that look like people and burn them all at midnight. and theres one on like every street corner, so at midnight it looked like the whole city was on fire, and there was a ton of people just out in the street partying.  it was a good way to start the year 2012 lol ill try to send pix. the only other note worthy thing was this one dog lol so we went to this one house and they let us in and were really nice, and weve gone back a number of times, but theyre never there or just ignoring us, but the funny thing is their german shepard they have thats fenced in with this other dog, and everytime he sees us he gets ticked off and starts barking like crazy, but when he realizes that we´re not phased he turns to the other dog and lets out all his anger on it and just starts attacking it, and the other dog starts yelling and barking. it was pretty sad but funny at the same time lol my comp got a video, so ill have to get it somehow haha but other than that, its just super hot here. they said 28 C idk how much it is in farenheight, all i know is i was sweating a ton climbing up the hills here :P
I love and miss you all!
Elder Jared Philpott

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