Wednesday, April 18, 2012


well this week hasnt been quite as eventful.. actually i dont remember hardly anything interesting. Just that its pretty much impossible for me n my comp to get along. he`s evil. lol but seriously yesterday he freaked out on me about something and just ran away and then called the zone leaders and the mission president saying that I was the one who abandoned him! im actually deppressed that were together again this cambio. i cant get any work done with him. but im just trying to keep my cool even tho he just likes to make me mad and accuse me for stuff i didnt do. but amazingly we had 3 people come to church this sunday. i just hope the lord knows what hes doing leaving us together another cambio. well theres not mmuch else going on here, but ill try to send some pix to make up for it. they say a picture is worth a thousand words right ??
I love and miss you all!
Elder Jared Philpott

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