Monday, August 1, 2011


 This letters gonna have to be short n sweet, cuz i dont have much time :p we had to go to a members house(the family of the little girl i baptised) early and get everything ready for a family home evening we´re gonna have there tonight. and then we had to go to curico and buy 2 new matresses cuz ours are terrible :p haha so that took a long time cuz we went to the bishops house over there and he helped us get them back to our house in Teno. they made us food and showed us videos of their daughter playing the guitar and singing and stuff haha she´s actually not bad ;D but yeah life is still good here. We had another baptism :) it was this great guy named sebastian(theres a ton of those here :P) he´s 25 and super funny. the baptism went great. we had a nice turn out of people and we bought some food for a refreshment. it was great.
     We had another mission conference thursday. it went great. OH and Elder Thomas is in my zone now!!!! :) :) lol so we have fun all the time together now haha and i saw him at the conference. and i also saw Hermana Plowman. but thats it. Hna. Young and Hna. Child are both in the other half of the mission, so they dont go to the same conference as us. so the gang wasnt ALL there, but it was still fun. this week was really rainy :P and cold... and the day it was pouring the hardest we just happened to be out in a part of the campo looking for a reference my comp got on the bus on a mini cambio, it was some 17 yr old girl named marcela lol she lived in house number 1 on calle Cristóbal, so we looked for it, and it turns out that cristobal isnt just a calle, but a whole big area that has like 4 houses that say number 1 lol cuz we went and asked this first house and he was like "yeah this is house number one, but the numbering system is different here. We just choose what number we want" :O lol so that wasnt good news. but we continued looking in the rain, but didnt find a thing. But we did meet some cool people out there that want to here more of our message, so it wasnt a total loss haha but yeah not too eventful this week. maybe next week will be better.
Love and miss you all!
Elder Philpott

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