Monday, July 25, 2011


So yeah lifes good here in chile. Earlier this week our power went out :P but only in our house and we forgot to do anything about it that day and had to do everything in the cold that night/morning and then finally called the owner of the house and he gave us the number of the electric company and we called them, and they came and fixed it finally, but it was SOO cold without it haha i know you guys are all complaining about the heat right now, but i´ll be glad to trade you here soon haha not much happened this week, the only sort of funny thing was that we were waliking in Curicó last monday, and there were these girls walking the other way just starring at us, and the one on the end didnt see this electric box sticking out and hit her head on it lol it was pretty hilarious, she was so embarassed lol oh yeah and ten we kept going and saw this little door on the side, and it looked like a chinese place, and so we were like eh what the heck, and went in to see what it was. so we opened the door and found stairs and then went up and opened this door, and inside we found this super nice chinese restaurant! it had all sorts of crazy chinese stuff and had all these fancy tables with plates, silverware, napkins, and wine glasses all set up, so we were like crap i think we need a reservation, but we went up and asked this chinese lady at the front counter. we were like "how much is it to eat here?"
 "did you bring food??"  lol
"what?? No. We want to see a menu."
"OHHH ok. yeah take a seat"
lol so yeah there was a bit of miscomunication going on, but i mean what can you expect when there two gringos talking to a chinese lady in SPANISH lol but it turned out not being expensive and really great food haha so i think we´ll be eating there a lot more haha
things are going good in the branch. the thing is, is that we keep meeting all these less actives and new investigators that know people in the branch and are just like "yeah if that person goes there im not going" so that gets pretty annoying. But we did just have a new family move in, and the dad has been everything from primary teacher to stake prez. so that should help us out some. but theres still quite a bit of apostasy going on haha for example the branch prez. works for a wine factory, the ward mission leader is living with someone he´s not married to(we´re working on that) and the 1st councilor has a big painting of a naked lady in his house... so yeah, needless to say, theres still some work that needs doing lol and a lot of the people that go to church are excommunicated.. like i passed ther sacrament this week, and my comp only gave me about 20 pieces of bread, and i was like crap theres like 30 some people here, this will never last. but at the end i was left with about 4 pieces left over haha so yeah thats never a good sign..., haha but the work goes on and we have a baptism scheduled for this that should be good. be praying for us :)
Thanks for the email :) i loved reading it :) i miss and love you all
Love Elder Philpott

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