Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello Everyone,
Its freezing here. my fingers are numb just typing this, but life is still good. i got my new comp, his names Edler Lundell, he´s from the factory in utah. but he´s pretty cool. and we get along good. Ha especially after dinner on saturday, we went to this one house that always gives us tons of food, and its usually pretty good, but that day we had the worst luck,  so we go back in this room to eat, and she comes out with a nice bowl of CHICKEN FEET soup. haha we just looked at it at first, then poked it, and just looked at eachother and were like oh boy... so we just ate around then at first, and then we started trying to use our fork, but that didnt work, then the lady came in and we were like "ummm... how do you eat this??" then she said you have to use your hands, so she left and we tried eating it with our hands,but still couldnt get any meat of it, so we just gave up. then, thinking that the worst was behind us, she comes out again with a nice steamy plate of rice and chicken liver :P :P lolby now we´re just ready to go, so we shoveled down what we could, and then used bread and pop and whatever other tricks we could think of to get it down.  and in the end, i ended up putting some ofthem in napkins and throwing em away lol after we left the house we just walked home and brushed our teeth haha  so yeah that was interesting.. lol and then sunday was good. we had 3 investigators come to church and then had 3 baptisms after church :) and i did my first baptism. it was awesome :) one was a 15 year old kid named  williams, it went good. then the other was a cute 10 year old girl thats pretty little for her age. we reactivated their parents, and now they wanted us to baptise their kids, so i baptised cecilia (10) and Elder Lundell baptised Sebastian (8) it was great, but after getting out of the water, it was SOOOO cold. but being cold and wet never felt so good..

So yeah the people are all pretty drunk right now watching the american soccer cup, and the other night we were doing contacts in the street and this super drunk fat chick, comes up and is like "hey hwere are you from??" 
"the USA"
"OH. well i better go then, cuz im a chilean girl, and i dont want you guys tryin anything funny with me!"
 and then she started walking away and was like "i mean you gotta admit, us chilean girls got it goin on, i mean check me out" and then my comp just turned aroun and i gave her a thumbs up lol  so she started laughing and then stumbled away lol it was pretty hilarious.
I love and miss you all!
Elder Philpott

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