Monday, July 11, 2011


Tings are still good in Chile. things are looking up in Teno. we have like 15 people witha baptismal date. and we had 2 investigators in church yesterday, but we were expecting 6 :P haha so we´ll have to work on that this week. BTW if you start getting a lot of baptism pix of a bunch of 19 yr old chileans dont get any ideas haha but seriously like 3/4 of our investigators right now are 18_20 yr old girls haha DONT ASK ME lol oh and good news, i found out the story behind girls passing the sacrament here, turns out it didnt really happen, it was just cuz back in the old days they met in a house here, and the guy that ws blessing the sacrament didnt know how to read, so a sister in the ward would read it, and he would copy. so thats where that rumor came from, but we did have some pretty apostate leaders :p haha but the work goes on anyways haha we were doing contacts the other day, and sometimes dogs like to follow us around everywhere, so what we like to do is open up the fence in front of peoples houses, and then walk in, Knock the door, and then if no one comes out, we go out before the dog can, and lock him inside their fance lol its pretty funny. OH and then this one night, we were talking with a recent convert, and she started going off on some tangent about her family, and was telling us where they lived, and it was in a place called Maipu, which is pronounced (My Pooh) so i was just dying trying not to laugh when she was saying stuff like "yeah they all live in Maipu, but they moved away for awhile but then came back and lived in maipu for a little longer" lol it was torture. and then this week we had to do a hack job on the electricity in the house cuz our stupid heating thing melted again, but we bought a new one. but this opne doesnt work as great :P haha but thats ok cuz we only have like a month of real winter left. so yeah life is good still. dont worry about me :) so yeah i hope you all have a good week, i miss and love you all.

Love Elder Philpott

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