Monday, July 18, 2011


Life is good for me here, we had a crap load of rain this week, and its been pretty cold haha i cant wait for summer. the work is going good. we got quite a few good people we´re working with. this one sebastian is pretty much ready to be baptised. he just needs to stop drinking tea, and chilleans LOVE their tea :p haha this one girl taught us how to dance the Cueca this week haha thats the national dance of Chile i guess, and its really funny cuz everyone always asks us what our national dance is, and we always tell them, its the bunny hop lol its also funny when people come up and ask us what things mean that they hear on the TV, like the other day we were eating at this members house, and in the middle of the conversasion, she was just like "so what does F$%! You mean?" haha we just laughed and were like yeah you might not wanna say that one to any gringos haha, but to other people that ask that, we´re just like that means "i love you" and then they´ll be like "OOOhhh ok. Hey mom F$%! YOU!" hahahaha its pretty hilarious. 
But yeah life is still good.
 really cold still. but summer is on its way, and then im sure ill be complaining about the heat or something haha but i miss and love you all,

Love, Elder Jared Philpott

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