Monday, June 27, 2011


Things are good in chile. super cold, but good.  elder quiñones is now on his way home to argentina, and my new comp comes tomorrow. i dont remember what his name is, but he´s gringo!!! :) haha for now, im with Elder Luna thats from santiago chile, and has a thick chilean accent thats hard to understand sometimes haha he got here only last cambio haha. but this week waas good. we just went to like every member in the branch´s house so elder Quiñones could say bye. and so they could write in his little book of "recuerdos" like seriously everyone wrote something, including one of our contacts hahah we knocked this door, and then someone opened it, but no one was there, so we looked in and saw someone walking back in the house and we were like "uhh hello?"  and she turned around and jumped and was like "ohhh i thought you were my son!" lol and then she saw me and was like "come on in! Are you from the united states!!??" 
"yeah" i said.
"AHHH!!! i need your autograph!!" lol and then she ran around the corner and grabbed a note boook and was told me to write her something and sign it hahaha leter we learned that its always been her dream to go to the U.S. haha and then she started talkin to elder Q and she ended up writing in his book of recuerdos also haha it was interesting. My comp was going crazy with recuerdos haha his family sent him 79 mil pesos ( about 160 bucks) and in one day... no like 3 hours he managed to spend it all on gifts for his family and anything that said "Chile" on it haha we seriously went to like every single store and asked do you have anything that says Chile on it?? most of the people just looked at us funny and were like "uhhh no. try going to stores near the bus station" haha so we went to like 20 stores, and he spent a ton of money in each store, and then on the way back, he looked in his wallet to see how much he had left, and was like "woah! whered all my money go!!??"
"you spent it all"
"it didnt feel like i spent anything!" he said lugging aroung his new giant bag that was chile colors that was full of everything under the sun that says "chile" on it haha
other than that, not much has happened. the works going on.
I miss you guys tons and cant wait to see you all again :)
but until then Love Elder Philpott :)

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