Sunday, June 26, 2011


lifes good for me still :) the baptism went well. it was a cool thing to watch. other than that not much new here. a TON of rain. but no thunder or lightning :( i miss that about home. So ive been sick like this whole week with a stupid cold. it sucks. and its really funny to be sicl in chile, cuz everytime someone finds out your sick, the question that always immediatly follows is "so what are you drinking for it??" haha they think that herbal tea can fix anything lol so i just tell em that im drinking a tapsin haha and that usually shuts em up lol so yeah i found out that in the back yard of the house of this one sister in the ward that feeds us on sundays, theres marijuana plants lol they belong to the neighbor, but she doesnt say anything to anyone cuz she doesnt want to start any trouble lol so that was pretty funny conversation. haha but other than that, its just cold here now, and we´ve officially started winter :P but the sleeping bag works great haha My comps finger is fine haha. no stitches.
I miss and love you all 
Love Elder Philpott

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