Sunday, June 12, 2011


this week has been pretty uneventful.. haha we did have 4 investigators come to church this week, so that was pretty good to see, but we were expecting 2 more that never showed, and this is the second time, so i think we´re gonna have to drop them if they keep this up, but its always so sad dropping investigators, cuz you want the best for them, but they just dont do it, and you try to explain it to them over and over again, but it just doesnt happen, and we dont have time to waste, and we have other people that are actually proggressing, so we have to pick and choose.. Not much funny happened this week either  :p haha the only thing i can think of is the way my comp looked before going to bed last night haha he didnt get any sleep the night before cuz he was cold, so this night he put on this rediculous looking ski suit that we found in the house, and it was a couple sizes too small for him haha and then on top of that, he pt on this ridiculously fat coat that he wears whenever it rains too, i always make fun of him and tell him he looks like the Michelin Man lol and then he put on gloves and a scarf hahaha he looked HUGE. haha and we also put the little electric heater that we have in there, which was a miracle, cuz we usually have it under the table and turn it on while were studying in the morning, and we left it on for soo long that it melted the outlet and was stuck in there, so that night we left it on for awhile, and then when it started to melt again, it came out just fine lol Meanwhile i was sleeping nice and warm haha i dont know what his problem was haha but i did buy a sleeping bag today :) so that should be nice. but yeah, not much new this week, sorry :( ill be sure to find something to tak about ths (<-- hate this cheap chilean keyboard :P) week.
Elder Jared Philpott

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