Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 Here's my report from this week haha:
 Not much interesting happened this week... a lot of trips to the "campo" or out in the country on bike :p haha it's tiring, but the people out there are great. We found like 4 good families in a row haha and they're soo nice.They always send us home with some fruit or some homemade pastry ór something it's so nice... but some people in the campo are just really old catholics haha and dont want to change anything, and usually can't hear anything we say, so sometimes we just like to be goofy, and we`ll be talking to them and be like "so you´re catholic?" And they`re like "oh yeah" and we´ll say "oh really, so how long have you been in apostasy then?" hahah and they don't understand what apostasy is, so they´re just "ooohh way long back since i was a little baby" hahaha and then if they´re really old we´ll be like "oh so can we go ahead and start your temple work then?" lol :D and they´re just like "uh huh" lol :D it makes the day go a little faster, but i'ts not all fun and games.  It's a lot of frustrating work too.. especially on sundays when we´ve spent the whole week visiting our investigators and traveling out on bike for a mile there and back and then having a really spiritual lesson and reading the Book of Mormon together and then having them tell us they want to go to church, and then when sunday morning comes and we´re standing out front in the cold waiting for them and they never come... thats pretty depressing.. knowing the blessing that they´re missing out on. Jesus made it a parable of a great feast that everyone is invited to, but all the people invited made all sorts of excuses and didn't come. Thats how I see it now too... So it's such a heartstrain to see these spiritually starving people miss out on it, but it also gives me even more determination to work the next week. So the work goes on, and we find new people in hopes that they will come and see what it means when we tell them, the true church of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth. But that's the missionary life. haha and its worth every minute of it.
So yeah life is still good. haha I miss and love you all,
Love Elder Philpott
P.S. I finally got the package the other day :) thanks so much! the pants fit great :) and all the snacks are just what I needed lol I especially loved the combos haha it made me feel like I was on a camping trip again hahaand the photos are just what I needed too. so all in all it was a great package :) thanks guys.

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