Saturday, May 7, 2011


(a litte bit from a letter to Aryan) He had just found out that his Grandfather had passed away.....

So yeah i did get to talk to mom and dad the other night. pres already told me the news when they called. it was sad to hear, but i was prepared for it from moms last letter. it didnt sound too good. It is sad tho, its wierd to think that such a usual part of my life just changed forever. no more goping over to his house to watch the buckeyes and eat steak, or christmas there or anything... hhh but lifes always changing. so theres nothing we can do but try to make the best of it. anyways.
Here, not much is new. Later today me and a few of the other new missionaries are going to Concepcion for a training thing :p so ill be there till like wednesday. But things are good here. We got a new branch president thats from here in Teno, which is a good sign that the branch is doing better haha Oh and this week i had a nice visit. It was my teacher from the mtc! haha Brother Adams came down to visit me, Elder Thomas, Sister Child and Sister Young, because we were the last district he taught before quiting at the mtc, and he served his mission in the one right above us, so he decided to come down for a few days to teach with us, and then go back up and see the people from his mission. It was wierd seeing someone from B.C. time, or Before Chili. lol but it was great. He said im speaking really good spanish. And i guess thats true, because last night when mom and dad called, they said i had an accent already haha So yeah im lovin it here still. the people are always so nice. Just the other day, we were doing contacts, and we went and talked with this one guy at his house for awhile, and then later that day we saw him, and he bought us some french fries haha it was nice. and especially nice because it was later in the day, and we dont have much to cook with in the house haha Last night what we ate for once(pronounced own-say) was cheese puff and mayonaise sandwhiches :D haha not the most healthy thing in the world, but it got the job done haha but more than not i usually come home feeling stuffed haha so dont worry, i am being fed well :)
Elder Philpott

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