Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hhahaha are you still using the same computer?? looks like it lol WOW scout FINALLY died??? how are you feeling about that? i heard you´re going to invite some ppl to the funeral service lol send my condolences :D but i really am going to miss making fun of him.. haha i was actually going to ask if he was still alive in this email hahaha Aw im glad Andrew was there, whats he up to now anyways? Aww i miss dallin. he´s so cute. i cant wait to see the other 2 that are on the way :) that will be so cool :)
wow eli graduaTED FROM SEMINARY??
anyways thats so crazy everyone is getting so old.. including me. i still wake up some mornings and just wonder where the time went and convince myself that im really on my mission. But then i feel a temblora or hear the guy selling potatoes outside yelling and it all comes back to me and i realize i am in chile hahah and making the best of it :) Life is really pretty darn good here most of the time. But only when im doing my best and working. cuz if i slack off a little bit or start thinking too much about my needs, it makes the day go slow and life seems just difficult. but the one thing that i always look forward too is teaching the restauration lesson. Bearing testimony of joseph smith and telling them that if they read and pray about this book they know three things:1 that Jesus Christ our saviour and redeemer 2 that joseph smith was a true prophet and 3 that this the restored church on the earth in these days. and then bearing my testimony to them, about all of it, just brings the spirit in soo strong, and then afterwards we get them to say the closing prayer, and its always soo sweet and genuine coming from the investigators. and then we walk out of the house feeling like our feet arent even touching the ground..  its amazing everytime. And the other day i had a neat experience when we were teaching a lesson, and we got on the subject of the book of mormon, but we didnt have an extra copy at that time, so we couldnt leave her with one, and then while we were talikng to her, i looked behind her in a bookshelf, and saw a little book with white pages about 5 inches wide, and i thought "hmm i wonder.... nahhhhh.." and then the i just got this enormous feeling that i should take the chance and ask, so i decided to follow it, and in the middle of talking i was just like
"what book is that?"
"which one?"
"that one over there on the left"
and then she pulled it out and wouldnt you know it, it was the book that proves this message is true. we found out that her dad talked with the missionaries along time ago, and he had one that he never read, already marked for them to read 3 nephi 11. so we committed her to reading it, and she said she would, and went back later that week and found out she read it and wants to learn more. So yeah i was pretty happy with that, its good to know i am actually in tune with the spirit sometimes.
One thing thats really funny about chili is that you hardly ever set up scheduled appointments with people, you just drop by and see if there there haha. and it works like ten times better than trying to schedule something haha and they´re always soo nice and invite us in and then give us some pop and usually some kind of pastery or snack of some sort. its great.  so yeah life is pretty sweet most of the time :) and were pretty close to getting some baptisms, so ill tell you how that goes, i dont wanna jynx it haha but im pretty sure they´ll happen. anyways it was good hearing from you guys :) just know that im doin fine :) i havent gotten ur package yet, but im pretty sure ill get it this wednesday at mission conference. :) So thanks for that. I gotta go back to work now haha i love and miss you all.

Elder Philpott

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