Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sorry this one is soo short. i dont have much time today :p maybe itll be better when i get a gringo comp that actually wants to email too :p haha
But life is goin good for me. We have a baptism scheduled for this week!!! :) Its the husband of a recent convert. He was what we call "an eternal investigator" cuz he´s been thru tons of sets of missionaries and investigated the church for forever, but i guess we finally got to him and now he´s gonna join his wife and be baptised :) and then probly soon going to the temple with her to be sealed for time and all eternity :)  itss so cool. haha
other than that not much has ahppened. OH haha except for my comp almost cutting off the end of his finger lol so my shoes were getting really worn down and had holes in the bottom, and so to fix it, i found a band from an engine and cut it up and super glued it to the bottom of my shoes haha it works pretty darn ghood haha. and so my comp decided to copy me, but tried to take the soul of an old shoe he had. and he was using a pocket kinfe that didnt have a lock to keep it open, and so when he started to push it closed on the tip of his finger, the blade went right through his nail, but didnt get to the bone. he saw it and just was like "wow" hahaha and so then i told him to go clean it off in the bathroom (he bled all over the place lol) and then i wrapped it up eagle-scout style hahah and then we went to the hospital and got it fixed up haha so yeah that was fun
haha but other than that, things are just same old same old.
But thanks for the email:) cant wait to hear from you next week :) I love and miss you all

Elder Jared Philpott

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