Monday, November 28, 2011


Well, Chile´s still good. getting hotter now. we just got back from a trip to the beach thats right next to us now :)we played some frisbee, and resisted the urge to jump in the water haha but it was fun. a random dog came up and stole the frisbee, so we all went chasing after it and caught it just before he got to the road lol then we threw rocks at it whenever it tried to come back lol not much happened this week, this are going pretty slow work-wise too :P but slowly getting better. the only interesting thing this week was Ramon. We were doing contacts and found this place with a bunch of little houses in it, so we went in and saw a guy just standing in the back, so we went up to talk to him, and he started talking to us and then went inside and got some chairs and had us teach him out front of his house, and then he goes on to tell us that 21 days ago he was sitting outside and heard a voice that he thought was Jesus that told him that "the angels are on the earth again and that the lord is preparing for the second coming, and that if 2 guys come up to you to talk about the gospel, listen to them, but only if they come up to you."
So we then tried teaching him about the restoration, but5 he wouldnt let us talk and just kept rambling on and on until we finally just had to go, but we cam back later and then he told us about another "revelation" were Jesus told him about 49 companys that were ion the united states that he needed to talk to cuz God was mad at them, so he asked me if i could get the list to the President of the United States...  then we tried teaching him again, but he didnt listen, so we might try going by again, but he´s very... interesting.. haha so we´ll see what happens there. but other than that not much has happened. We´ve found a lot of people that play the guitar lately, and its been fun to jam a little bit with them, and then after they see that we´re real people that do real people things they really start to open up and really listen to the message. So i have no doubt thats one of the reason Iwas givin the talent i have, so im using it to its fullest. Thats about all thats happened out of the ordinary. 
Elder Philpott

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