Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The week was good, yesterday we went to like the highest hill in the sector and we could see everything. it was prett cool, and we found a new investigator there who says he wants to join a church so he can be an example for his new baby boy that he named Aaron cuz its a biblical name. so we´re gonna see if we can help him with that ;) My week was pretty good. wednesday night presiding Bishop counselor McMullin came and talked in the penco stake about preparing urself and keeping yourself worthy to enter ito the temple, and he tlked a lot about temples and eternal marriage. it was a really great talk. he spoke in english and had a translater that did a really great job. and then the next morning ALL the missionaries in the mission went to concepcion to hear from Elder Quentin L. Cook... the Apostol. it was awsome. he gave us some great advice. And we got to shake his hand :) So that was way cool. and really crazy to think that i shook hands with someone who has probly felt the nail prints in Christs hands... yeah. The rest of the week went good. nothing much happened.. theres a lot of snails here. lol like a TON. and when it rains its like a game to try not to squish too many lol its pretty sick sometimes lol, cuz they get pretty big.. lol
So thats about it for now, ill try get a pic of my comp for yall
i gotta go now, but i miss and love you all
Love Elder Philpott :)

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