Saturday, December 10, 2011


Chiles good. getting pretty hot lately. but still getting some rainny days. living by the ocean does that i guess haha. And its officially almost christmas time, so now everyone is getting out their lights and trees n stuff, which is SOOO wierd to see when its like 80 degrees out. And this saturday the ward is having a talent show night, so me n my comp are gonna sing Feliz Navidad haha i have to look up the music today and somehow get my hands on a guitar haha so we ll see what happens there..and im also singing with a bunch of missionaries for a christmas stake activity. so thet will be fun too haha other than that things are kinda slow. but theres still a bunch of drama in this ward, and it really ticks me off sometimes :P but were workin on that too haha we only have one ptoential person for baptism this week, thats been to church 4 times and has read up to 1 nephi 21 in the BOM, but still says shes not sure if she wants to do it :P so if you could throw a few prayers my way for that it would be nice :) other than that nothing much has happened... lame

Thats about all for today :) sorry it was so short.
Elder Philpott (Jared)

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