Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Training is going good. its different having to do almost everything myself, but he´s really good. and learning really fast. so im proud of my son haha 
oh and when i went to concepcion to pick up my son i saw elder scott there! he was the one that twisted his foot playing soccer, he came back to the mission! after being home for a few months. he said it was even harder coming back the 2nd time, i dont doubt it.
the only other note worthy thing from this week, was pretty funny/sad. well the catholics had some sort of huge gathering for the virgin mary, and a lot of the man go on horses wearing the Huaso(cowboy type)suits. and so while we were walking around trhat day we saw some of them coming back from it, and almost all of them were super drunk, and one of them was behind the rest and was sooo drunk that he was like falling off of his horse and swerving everywhere, and was backing up`traffic cuz none of the cars wanted to pass cuz he was everywhere in the road on this poor horse. it was really sad. 
other than that not much happened. i sang in a mission choir at a big long christmas devocional. that was pretty fun. but life is still good. 
Love and miss you all,
Elder Jared Philpott

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