Thursday, December 15, 2011


CHile is chile. The work is progressing. slowly. but progressing. we
have one thats for sure getting baptised on the 23. she was a hard one
to get, but shes finally coming around. she chose the 23 cuz thats her
moms birthday, but its also the day that she got baptised in the
seventh day adventist church. so that will be really special :) not
much else happened this week. i watched a movie called 17 Miracles
that a sister in the ward let us borrow. it was really good. have you
ever seen it? its about the Donner party that went to utah. i showed
it to elder Turnner and he cried haha i didnt tho... i wonder if i
have a heart lol
The Talent show went well. we played and danced to feliz navidad, and
everyone loved it lol i got it on my camera , but itll probly be a
while before you can see it :P So they just told us cambios, and im
training :) ill probly be getting a latin comp, cuz we have 8 latins
and only 1 gringo coming this cambio so this should be fun, i love
having latin comps lol theyre just more fun haha and get along with
the people so much easier. So my comp Elder Abrego is getting
transferred to Talca, but not my old sector. i told him its gonna be
super hot there compared to penco.
but yeah thats about all the news from here :)
Sorry i havent sent you pix, the last time i did internet, the stupid
computer didnt have a USB port, and this time my camera is dead... :/
sooooo ill try to send them next week i guess. sorry.. :(
but i miss andlove you all. thanks for keeping me in mind and keeping
me updated on everything :)

Jared(Elder Philpott)

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