Monday, August 13, 2012


ok well, i wsh i could remember something interesting to talk about, but this week seems like its been pretty average. kinda bad numbers wise cuz none of our investigators came to church :P but we still have a baptism scheduled for one of these upcoming weeks. hopefully this saturday, cuz this is the last week before transfers, and i kind of got the feeling like im going this cambio. i have been here for like 6 months now. crazy to think i might be going to my last sector of my mission...
i cant wait for it to get warm here. it just got cold again last night and theyre saying its gonna rain this week :P
plus on thursday morning the power went out in our house and we couldnt figure out why so we studied in the cold and couldnt turn on our electric heaters. it was dumb. but it was especially bad for E´hepworth cuz the night before me n him went ona mini-cambio and we got home a little late, and he hates being disobedient, so what he does is he punishes himself by taking a cold shower the next day. i personally think thats against some church doctrine, but whatever floats his boat lol so he was pretty much dying of cold that day. later in the day we found a breaker switch that was outside and flipped it on and the power came back.
other than that not much has happened this week.
Elder Jared Philpott


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