Monday, August 6, 2012


Well chile is pretty much the same as it was a week ago haha just more wet :P we've
had way to much stinkin rain this week :P my feet have been soaked and cold for most of the week... it finally stopped raining the other theres just a ton of fog. so baisically i cant wait for it to warm up here. which should start here in september :) so excited. plus the 18th of sep here is like our 4th of july, and they always have a bunch of cookouts and play games and stuff. last year i was in Talca for "el dieciocho"
not much happened this week. but at least we had a couple of our investigators in church. one named javiera that is close to be baptized but its gonna be close because shes going back to college soon, and when that happens she wont have much time anymore, so we're baisically over there everyday now haha
today we just got back from a zone activity in Chillan at the house of some rich member that has a soccer field in his back yard, so we all went there and cooked chori-panes on the grill. which are just like sausages in a little piece of bread for a bun with ketchup and mayo haha then we all ran it off playing soccer for a few hours. it was pretty fun. my team won of course ;)
umm yeah..i really cant think of anything else that happened this week... que fome.

anyways i miss and love you all tons.
Elder Jared Philpott

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