Monday, July 30, 2012


Things here in chile are good. still cold. but getting a tiny bit warmer during the day at least.
its been a good week work-wise actually. we found a lot of good people ready for the gospel. one guy we met named juan quit doing drugs and drinking a few years ago and wants to follow Christ now, so he let us in right away when we knocked on his door, and he wants to learn more and now he has a baptismal date set for aug 25th. but the cool thing is that he came to church yesterday! and after only meeting with him like twice.
also another lady let us in right away after we knocked on her door. she has no eyebrows or hair because shes finishing up with chemo therapy. but she was telling us that while she was in the hospital about a year ago she had a dream where she was in a white hallway and there was an extremely bright light at the end where the lord was and she told him she was ready to serve him now and he said not yet. but soon.
and she was saying that she would go to other churches, but just felt empty still after going there and she wanted to serve the Lord the right way she says, so we answered a bunch of questions she had and left her with a Book of Mormon. i think she will be baptized here soon. Plus she says she wants us to teach her 2 college age kids that are living with her. so we´ve been really blessed this week. and should be seeing results soon. my comp is great and really fun.
and last night he got sick from something he ate and was throwing up all after church, so we stayed home yesterday. but hes feeling better today.
something funny that happened this week was when we were in this one house for the first time teaching this teenage girl with her baby. and we're trying to figure out what we should teach by asking some inspired questions, so i ask "have you ever wondered where we come from or why we're here or where we are going?" and her face lit up and she said "YES, i have wondered that!" so my comp and i were like wow, that was pretty inspired. then she says "ive always wanted to know where you guys are from and what your doing here." *facepalm* she thot i was talking about US when i asked the question lol so me n my comp always have a good laugh about that.
but yeah life is going good. its wierd being on the downhill part of the mission. everyone tells me wow you dont have hardly any time left! haha crazy.
Until December - I love and miss you all!
Elder Jared Philpott

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