Monday, July 23, 2012


Things here are good. pretty cold still though. but at least it hasnt been raining. but me and my comp both have a cold and nasty cough right now :P but we went and bought some 10 dollar cold medicine with the mission health card that they gave me when i was a district leader. and it seems to work pretty well.
vanessa that got baptized last sunday by nicolas, one of the youth from the ward. and she got confirmed yesterday. which wasnt easy either haha they got to church at the end of sacrament meeting haha but we just did it at the end of sacrament mtg. her parents were inactive. but now they are coming every sunday. so we are passing by their house a lot. they have plans now to go to the temple together. so we`re helping them with that now :) but johana the wife has deppression and its been pretty bad lately. so we gave her a priesthood blessing saturday and sunday she came and told us that she felt tons better, cuz before, she didnt feel like doing ANYTHING but after we left her house she said she started cleaning the whole house and felt like doing a whole bunch of things. so that was a cool thing to hear :) plus they were telling us that in their house a bunch of wierd things happen like the girls` toys move and make noises at night by themselves and they hear footsteps when theres no one in the house. and the dog will get scared and look up and keep barking when theres nothing there. so we decided to change the atmosphere by having family home evenings there and having the family read the sciptures together all the time there.
and it made us realize that the devil will do stuff like that to people and families usually right before something great is about to happen with them, like what happened to joseph smith in the sacred grove just before the gospel was restored to the earth. the same type of things happened in the house of some of my converts in penco before they were baptized.
thats about all thats been going on here. the only (sort of) funny thing that happened this week was that my comp was walking down the stairs in our house the other night and all the sudden on of the steps broke underneath him and he almost fell through but saved himself at the last minute. haha welcome to chile. and then the next night E´Hepworth was walking down the stairs, tired after talking on the phone wth the zone leaders and we hear a loud thud thud thud! and then "im alright!". He had forgotten about the missing step and
almost fell through the gap lol but amazingly saved himself haha so i suppose we better get that fixed...
and also last monday we all went to play soccer with some members of the ward here and my comp was running to make a shot on the goal but missed and kept running and didnt see this big metal light post and only slowed down a tiny bit and then ran into it with his chest so now he has this big purple mark there and it still hurts him sometimes, so were hoping his rib isnt cracked.. but hes a tough guy who did some boxing before the mission actually and has a bunch of stuff to workout that he brought with him, so i decided to take advantage of the situation and start using it a lot too now haha
I love and miss you all tons,
until December,
Elder Jared Philpott

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