Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Chile is good. pretty darn cold and rainy though :P not much happened. the other Elders here had a baptism sunday. but the girl that got baptized only wanted her family and the missionaries at her baptism. so we got to go too. and i was there in the lesson when she decided to get baptized. she passed the interview, but was determined to get baptized the NEXT sunday, so the other elders and a member thats a friend of hers were fasting so that she could get baptized this sunday. and she kept saying no up until saturday night when me n E`Paz went to her house and taught about the restoration. it was pretty cool to see how God answers prayers and how powerful fasts really are.
The only funny thing that happened this week was when me n my comp went to lunch with an old lady from the ward that always gives lunches to the missionaries, and she really loves when we go over there and tell her jokes lol and she laughs the whole lunch at our jokes lol and so we went there on wednesday, and the week before she had an accident and had fallen down in her house so she had recently gotten out of the hospital. and so we werent sure if we should tell her any jokes and make her laugh cuz she was in some pain, but we started eating and no one was saying much and the conversation was boring, so we decide to just tell her a joke anyways, so we tell her this one about a gringo that recently got to the mission and was teaching about the first vision, but confused the words pray (orar) with pee (urinar) and so he said "and when Joseph Smith went into the woods to pee, he said I saw a pillar of light..." lol and then the lady bursted out laughing and started caughing and weezing a lot and my comps like "oh gosh hermana are you alright??" "we killed her!" but she recovered and told us to tell her more jokes haha but it kind of scared me a little bit actually haha
Elder Philpott

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