Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Well news from here in chile: first of all, we got the phone call this
morning telling us the cambios, and E`Paz and E`Lopez are leaving!!
E`Paz is going to Talca and E`Lopez is going to Andalien which is near
concepcion. So needless to say, the house will be a lot different here
now. But guess what?? my next companioin is another latin! ive lost
count of how many latin comps ive had so far, but at least i can speak
decent spanish now haha actually im really starting to have problems
remembering how to talk english... its gonna be a mess when i get back
the other news is that im now a criminal in chile lol. sort of. what
happened was that i was trying to renew my visa and i have to go to
chillan to do all the paperwork which is like 45 mins away, and so i
got my visa but i forgot to do the last step`and get it registered and
get my new identification card, which i have to do in chillan too. and
so before i know it too many days had passed by and my comp didnt ever
want to go to chillan and went and it was closed one day, and so i got
there this morning and they tell me that the waioting period had
expired so now i have to pay a fine and am under some sort of
survelance and cant leave the region without permision from the FBI
here until the fine arrives.  but the good news is the fine is
reembursable and i only have to leave the region to go to a mission
conference in Talca in a couple weeks so i have to ask permission from
the FBI. so now they have my passport and my identification card and
they gave me a paper instead with my picture and fingerprint and info.
the other news is, i sold my guitar to a member here and bought BONGO
DRUMS!! lol  they`re pretty fun. i sold the guitar cuz i didnt want to
have to pack it to my next sector if i leave, bongos on the other hand
are a lot more portable lol and i sttill see my guitar all the time
whenever i go over to his house. actually i think we`re going to do
something togethr for the talent show thats coming up here haha.
Until December....
Love, Elder Philpott

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