Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hey mom :) sorry i didn't get to email you guys last P day, it was pretty busy in the laundry room (where a lot of computers are) but yeah I'm doing great! :) the people and the food are wonderful. i miss you all soo much... hope you had a great christmas! because mine was wonderful. thanks for all the stuff you sent me :) me and my comp Elder Thomas from Sacramento California have SOOO much candy! we leave our door open so all the other elders can come and take some haha. well I'm only allowed 30 mins of email time. so i gotta go. but i love you all and hope you are doing well! life is good for me, so don't worry. i sent you a couple letters, but I'm kind of surprised they haven't gotten there yet.. but i will just keep trying.
Love your Elder Jared Philpott
Hey Dad! Sorry I haven't written or anything. I didn't have time to check my email last P-day. But all is well, i love it here and love all the people I'm working with.
Its just me and my comp in a room right now. His name is Elder Thomas, he's from California, and he is going to the same mission i am! so it could be very likely that we will see each other in the field.
I'm lovin my zone too, my district (branch G) has more sisters than elders, which is really rare haha and in our zone we have a lot of native Spanish speakers from Mexico and other places, and me and my comp like to go hang out with them all the time. It really helps me learn a lot of Spanish. The language isn't coming as fast as i had hoped, but it's getting there.
The food is not bad. But it does make everyone pretty gassy haha so thanks to the Moarefdousts for sending me an air freshener haha. 
I have a nice mountain view out of almost every window. I cant stop staring at them haha our departure date is estimated to be on the 21st of February. And i Will be able to call home then. so we will have to work that out.
But yeah. Life is good. I love the Gospel and all the people associated with it and can't wait to go teach it to the people of Chile.
Love your Elder Jared Philpott

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