Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1/4/11 (email)

awww no way that is awesome news! im so glad for Joe :) i miss you all too.. but life here is good. i write a ton to aryan, so if you want to know anything about how im doing you could probably just ask her haha but yeah i stayed up on new years with "los Advansados" haha it was great. and i loved all the Christmas presents you guys sent me :) hope you guys are having fun tho. aww i miss you too hila :) how is Eli liking all my stuff? haha on Christmas here at the MTC we had a big talent show, and me and a bunch of ppl from my district did a musical ensemble, and i got to p[lay the guitar :) and yes i am enjoying it here. the spirit is always so strong. which is good, because without it i wouldn't be able to learn or teach anything at all. its absolutely essential. but yes i miss and love you all.  i bet the house is a lot quieter now :)

Love Elder Philpott

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