Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Comboblation

I know, "A Comboblation" is a strange title for this blog post, but I couldn't think of anything to call it. ha ha  Since, I'm the self designated care person (me, Lisa Moarefdoust - Aryan's Mom) of Jared's blog, he has asked me to try to compile all the letters he's sending out each week.  We have his emails home, and then the letters he sends to our family (mostly Aryan) too.  So that's what I guess I will do.  So, you won't be hearing straight from Jared's mouth (unless it's an email to his home that was passed on to me) but rather a "comboblation" of the letters we have received.  Here is a few things from his letters dated Jan 25th - Feb 1st.
Jared seemed to have a pretty good week.  He's foot isn't giving him much trouble but the crutches are.  His arm pits and hands are KILLING, but at the same time he jokes that he is getting "buff!"  One of the Sisters in his District carries his food tray for him at every meal (hmmmmm!?!?).  How nice of her :o)  Stairs are a huge pain (and there are a lot of them at the MTC) .  He's just waiting for the day that he takes a tumble head first down all those stairs.  He takes a walk to the Provo Temple on Sunday's and then again on Tuesday's (for a session).  The walk from the MTC to the temple is all up hill.  Just after he first broke his foot, he "rented" a wheelchair from the front desk of the MTC.  His companion pushed him all the way up to the temple.  On the way down, his companion jumped on the back of the wheelchair and they rode all the way back down.  Jared said they were going pretty fast and he was afraid he was going to "wipe out" at the bottom.  Could you see him now....broken foot, broken arm and maybe even a broken nose.  Luckily he back to hiking the trek on crutches now.  Aryan sent him a "Get Well" package last week.  Some home made cookies, his drum sticks and a few other odds and ends that he was SOOOO appreciative of.  I'm sure it lifted his Spirits.  We don't hear enough of how much he misses her, and she feels the same way about him, but they're both doing what they need to be doing right now and they both know that what happens in the next couple of years is in the Lord's hands.
Jared LOVES being a Zone Leader.  He had the chance to teach some of the "Nuevos" (New) Elders this last week and really enjoyed that.  He remembers how much he looked up to his ZL when he first entered the MTC and now he has other Elder's looking up to him. 
Kind of a funny story....Jared spent a lot of time with our family and he spent a lot of time eating here too!  My husband is Persian (from Iran) and Jared realized that he LOVED Middle Eastern food, esp. Pita Bread.  He told us that one day the cafeteria at the MTC was serving Gyros Sandwiches - which is shaved beef and yogurt inside of pita bread.  He said he was sooooo excited and asked them if he could JUST have the pita bread.  He said that they gave him a strange look and then gave him a few slices of pita bread anyway.  He was pretty happy about that. :o)

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