Monday, September 12, 2011


Things are good for me still. the suns comeing out a lot lately, which is a good and a bad thing.. lol good cuz its so nice outside, but bad because.. well lets just say chilean girls arent quite too modest lol and theres quite a few good looking ones, but after being in the mission for 9 months everything up to your comp looks attractive lol anyways,  we had a pretty good week this week. we ahd 2 really good investigators in church. So that was exciting. But not much has happened this week out of the ordinary. we did get a message from the appartment place saying that they were going to cut our electricity on the 10th cuz we havent paid yet. and im not sure if thats our fault or not, cuz we kept forgetting to turn in the recipt, but i thot that it was paid automatically, but we called the mission accountant and i guess he fixed it cuz when we came back that night it was still on haha so that was a relief lol my comp had the runs on wednesday, so we had to run from members house to members house so he could use the bathroom :P stupid uncooked chilean food :P but we´re both good now for the most part haha ya never truly get used to the food here :P lol but life goes on. all the little chilean kids playin with there kites, we sent off Rafa on his mission, he always went to appointments with us, i gave him a tie as a leaving present. but yeah.. not much happening lately.. lol maybe next week will be more eventfull.. :P
but i miss and love you all and will talk to you next week, but until then,

Love Elder Philpott

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