Monday, September 26, 2011


So 2 more missionaries moved into our tiny appartment, they´re not in our sector, but theirs is right next to ours, and their hous was pretty crappy, so they moved in with us haha and every other morning we started doing the P90X Ab ripper workout video haha it intense, but it really wkaes ya up haha so its prettyt fun having 4 in the appartment now. This week was pretty good for us. not a lot of new people to teach, but we´ve got some good ones. we had this one 18 yr old named jackson in church and Eduardo that got baptised last week got confirmed, and was wearing a suit and everything, he looked like a completely different person! but it was way cool. and jackson said he´s going to be baptised on conference sunday at the stake building, he´s already inviting a bunch of his friends to his baptism. and we also had a mom and her 2 kids come too, this is the lady that studied with the jehovas wittnesses for 3 years. but she´s really cool, and is loving the church, so i think we´ll be seeing that baptism soon too. :) and when we were teaching Jackson at a members house all of a sudden the lights just randomly went out, and it was perfectly nice weather, and they were just like oh yeah that happens sometimes, the electricity here in chile isnt the most reliable thing ever. Turns out that most of the country´s elctricity goes out at the same time every once in awhile lol their all used to it haha it only took a few hours to fix, so we taught the lesson using candle light haha it was actually pretty cool haha other than that not too much has been happing here in my part of the world. oh i did meet a kid named Elder. and the reason that thats his name is pretty sad lol so i guess some missionary wasnt as obedient as he should have been and ended up leaving a girl pregnant, and the girl named the kid Elder cuz she thot that was his name... so yeah i dont know if i should laugh or just do a face palm... haha but yeah im still alive, still working and missin you all.
Elder Philpott

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