Saturday, September 10, 2011


its starting to get hotter. but the weather here is also being really dumb some days, like it´ll be cold in the morning and then the sun comes out and then it starts raining really hard for like 5 minutes, and then stops, the sun comes out again, and then it starts hailing! like what the heck is wrong with this place?? lol but not much has happened this week. we got the numbers from the mission president, and last week was a bad week for everyone i guess.. cuz the whole mission only got 99 baptisms, which is pretty darn low.. we usually get like 130 at least haha so its good to know it wasnt just us. Oh and after we got done with email last sunday, we were walking back to our house, and then all of a sudden we see all these police officers and big truck of them goes by, and as we walked a little further we saw a bunch of college students in the middle of the street infront of the college doing a march on the school, just like all the other schoiols around here, they think that education should be free, so they´re all on strike. but nothing happened there. but all the riot officers were alll in lines with shields and ready to march if anything happened. but nothing ever did. all the big riots are up in santiago. The other big "national tragedy" was that a famous morning news reporter died in a plane crash the other day no his way to an island off the coast, and almost everyone we talk to is all broken up about it and has cried over him, and our bishop was even talking about it on the pulpit sunday morning. i guess chileans really love their news casters.. they were even putting candels in their catholic virgin boxes at night. its a little extreme i think.. lol but thats chile haha church was alright. we were expecting like 7 good investigators to come that had family that are members, but they didnt. we ended up only having 2. and one of them was this guy that we met just that week. we were doing door contacts and he came out and talked to us a little bit, he´s kind of socially awkward, but he let us in and we talked with him for awhile and found out that he lives there alone and is out of work right now. so we sharred the message of the restoration with him and left him a Book of Mormon and came back saturday, and he lets us in, and the BOM was out on the table open, along with the pamphlet we left him, so we talked some more, and put a baptismal date with him for the 25th of this month and he´s really excited for it, and says he´s really wanting to change his life. so he´s probly one of our best investigators right now, and he had a great time at church. so i think we might be seeing that baptism :) but other than that not much out of the ordinary has happened.. hopefully i´ll have more to talk about next week, But until then, i love and miss you all and will be seeing you in a little over a year from now, so be safe and have fun :)
Love Elder Philpott

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