Monday, March 14, 2011


Hola Familia!
it was so good talking to you all at the airport. sorry i didnt get to call from chile...
ok. so yeah life in Chile is SO different. The people are interseting haha
(when i can understand them ;) lol All the houses in my area are what americans would refer to as "ghetto" lol they are all tiny. and most just have tin roofs and are built from scraps of whatever they could find. its so humbling to see how much we take for granted in the united states.. im taking pictures dont worry haha. there are some major modesty and chastity problems with women here :p so its a challenge to teach about that.. My comps name is Elder Quiñones, he´s from argentina, and only speaks spanish, so comunication can be difìcil sometimes. but for the most part im doing good with spanish. people compliment me a lot and cant believe ive only been here for 5 days haha actually i cant either... time goes even faster here than in the MTC! its ridic. my mission is going to be over in no time! haha  so yeah its different here. driving on the roads is nuts! lol and the buses do whatever they want, and speed down the road. and when you get on they dont wait for you to sit down or anything, they just take off, and you better be holding on! haha so yeah thats a really fun experience haha Oh and another thing about the streets of chile, they´re crazy lol and there are people walking everywhere and no one uses cross walks and just runs in front of cars haha idk how everyone is still alive lol oh and Hila would love it here. there are dogs EVERYWHERE. just roaming the streets wild. they dont belong to anyone, they just live there. they´re treated kinda like cows in india lol and theyll just walk into ppls houses and sit down in the shade lol its so wierd. ill try to take some pics. But yeah the work is good. im so tired every night, and am pretty sunburnt, but im getting used to it. we do a lot of door contacts. well not actually door contacts, cuz EVERYONE has a fence with spikes on top and bars over their windows. its wierd. i didnt think crime is that bad, but i guess so. but yeah the work is proggressing. im in a tiny branch. but i love life here, and love my comp. i miss you all tons and cant wait to see you all again
 love Elder Philpott

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