Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ok sorry everybody else, but i dont have much time so my mom will just forward this to you. but i love hearing from you and miss you all tons.
Well this week has been pretty good. not much out of the ordinary. kinda depressed sunday cuz none of our investigators came :p but we dont let it get us down. Sundays are funny, when im going around meeting people no one can pronounce my name haaha so a lot of them just call me Filtop lol (including my comp most of the time) and we dont have a piano, and latin americans arent the most musical people in the world haha so hymns that sound good are something i miss lol... but the people here are all soo nice. and we eat lunch with the members every day. and lunch here is a big deal haha chileans typically only eat a little breakfsat, and then they all break for like 2 hours and eat a HUGE lunch and then take a nap haha im finally getting used to it. at first i could only eat like the first plate of food they gave me, but now i can eat like all three and the fruit and still have room for more. Then we go back to our appartment and "descansar" or rest for like a half hour with the rest of the country haha but sometimes the people we eat with are very poor, but they still feed us a ton. one time we went to a house, and the lady went out back and pulled some grapes off the vine for us, so i was like cleaning dirt off of them and killing all the ants before i ate them haha another thing they have here in chile is this stuff called Ecco, that looks smells and tastes like coffee but its not haha and people always give us that too. My city Teno, is pretty small. it kind of feels like a campground or trailer park haha cuz everyone knows eachother, and word spreads fast haha. and they all kknow im the new "Greengo" anyone thats white is a greengo. and all the girls in town love to talk with greengos haha it knida makes ya feel like a rockstar lol but we try to avoid all the really pretty girls lol we call them snakes haha and then the other chilean thing is besitos, which are those little cheek kiss things, and we have to try  to avoid those as much as possible lol but every once in awhile someone will sneak one on ya haha Beso means kiss, and if you add -ito or -ita onto a word it means little. and theres this one sister in the branch that calls me Chinito cuz she cant pronounce my name, which means little chinese. cuz of my eyes i guess lol so yeah thats whats new in chile haha my appartment is good. no maids. lol we dont even have a washer, but we do have hot showers and a stove and a refridgerator. i took lots of pix and videos, so when i send my memory card youll see. its pretty nice by chilean standards. you could probly fit like 5 or 6 regular sized houses here into a regular house in the USA. And everyone has fences around their houses with spikes on top, so you just stand out front and say "halo" and they come out and talk with ya. and thats how we do contacts. So im working on my halo so i dont sound so greengo haha cuz they can tell.
So life is good here. im doin fine. and will see you all when i get home in 1 year 8 months and 25 days haha
Love Elder Jared Philpott

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