Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed

(an email to Mom)

Ok, so sorry i didnt get to call you today from santiago :( i couldnt figure out the stupid pay
phone :P But i am here and life is getting started, its  different world. i guess my spanish is
pretty good though.
so yeah i hope Aryan wasnt tooo bummed :( cuz i know i was...
but life is good. im alive and workin now. so i will talk to you all next week hopefully.
I love and miss you all
Elder Philpott

(on a side note)
Jared WAS able to call home the  night before during his layover in Atlanta.  He talk to Steve, Gail, Hila and Aryan.  He sounded great and was soooo excited to finally be going to Chile.  His foot is not completely healed yet, but the Dr. let him go anyway.  We all wish him much luck as he starts his new adventures in Chile!!

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