Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Thanks for the email mom :) good to hear everyone is doing good still :) and yeah i miss ross haha we had some fun times haha i cant wait to see where he gets called.
ok heres my weekly post haha

Well i felt my second "Temblador" or tremor last night at 3 in the morning, it was crazy. just this low rumbling noise and then stuff just shook for a second and then stopped. it was nuts. but my area is the farthest north, so i dont have to worry much about earthquakes. Teno is pretty good. but it does have a lot of problems too. they had to call a member from the stack to be the branch president here, because he needed to clean up some apostasy goin on here i guess, cuz i hear at one point they had girls passing the sacrament, and a bunch of other stories that are deppressing about this area. and when i first met with the mission president, before he told me where i was assigned he was like "do you like challenges?" haha so yeah it is a challenge here, but we´re rising up to it. last week we found 3 good families to teach, and acouple other really good investigators. this week we had 20 new investigators. but out of the 3 families we invited only one came to church, along with a less active member we´ve been talking to, and another couple investigators, so it was still a good week. and so exciting to see them in church. its amazing to see the changes in peoples lives. and Teno is so small, the way we tell them how to get to the church is just say that its the one in front of the pool, and then everyone is always like "oh yeah" haha.
But the people are so nice here, we went to a less active members house out in the... campo. haha or country, i dont know what the english translation would be haha but this lady is very poor, and she fed us this soup with chicken in it, and while we were eating it she told us that this chickens name was pepa and that it was the last of the 4 that she had. it was a very humbling experience. it will feel so wierd coming back to the states where we have so much. my spanish is coming along good. i had a dream in spanish last night haha. and im teaching this one member sister rubio to speak english, and she brigs friends to learn also. and she is the member that lets us use her washing machine to wash our clothes, and then we hang them up out back on this barb wire to dry haha cuz NO ONE owns a dryer here haha oh and im also teaching her how to play the guitar :) im so glad i found one here haha im getting used to life here though. typically chileans arent very punctual haha but one thing they are on time with every day is the lunch siren haha everyday at 12 a siren that sounds like our tornado sirens goes off and everyone breaks for lunch for like 3 or 4 hours haha and they have THE BEST bread here. and they have bread with everything. so i eat tons of bread everyday haha one thing i miss though is milk haha they only have powdered milk here :p so after i eat my cereal i just pour it down the drain haha. but the work is going great. my testimony of the gospel has grown so much. and i cant believe how blessed ive been to have it all my life.

There ya go :)
i love and miss you all!!
elder jared philpott

(In a letter added to Aryan, he said) Yes, I did hear that President Obama was here in Chile.  In fact, someone stopped me on the street that day and said, "Hey Geengo, you Dad is here!"  (We thought that was pretty funny).

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