Sunday, April 10, 2011


well this week was alright, numbers wise, but not great. General Conference was great. we had to travel to the city Curico to watch it in the stake center. there was a room for all the gringos where we got to watch it in english and bring in a bunch of snacks n stuff haha it almost felt like i was back in the US, but then aother "temblora" hit and reminded me  i was still in chile haha we went saturday to watch the priesthood session, and then stayed the night at the missionaries house in curico and went the next mornig to the general session. I loved all the talks. they were all so helpful. Those men truly are called of God to lead this church. I love the Prophet. His sense of humor is just another testament of how great a man he is. not much happened this week out of the ordinary. But we did have this one cool experience. we were walking on the sidewalk of this one street, and we saw this lady sitting on a bench knitting, or stitching, whatever its called, and she was stitching this picture of a tree, and we went up and talked with her and were like so waht are ya makin there, and she was like this is the tree of life. haha we were like oh really??  shes like yeah im not sure why i decided to make it, but i think it looks good. anf then we told her about the story of the tree of life in the book of mormon, and she got really interested, so we gave her a book of mormon and have an appointment with her next week :) it was great. other experiences arent so spiritual. alike this one day when this drunk guy came up and started talking to us haha we started telling him that these were the last days, and that scary stuff is going to happen and then we left him with a pamphlet on the word of wisdom haha and then there was this other guy we talked to on the street that just started breaking down crying while talking to us, but thats not uncommon. thats like the 4th time thats happened. but the work is going good. we´re teaching 3 families at the same time right now. and they are all super great. but on of them has some problems to overcome before they can be baptized. but they are way cool and love having us over. and we gave the father Antonio a blessing of health on friday cuz he fell off of a camion, or a big semi truck thing and was home from the hospital, but amazingly nothing was broken, and he should be back at work soon.

so yeah. life is good here still. tiring, but good. Oh haha and you should be happy to know that im getting to like avocados haha cuz chileans put avocados on EVERYTHING haha so when i get back, we can make all the chip dip stuff you want lol and yeah that was pretty sad eating the chicken lol but it was for a good cause, and the lord will bless her for her service.

Until then,
Love, Elder Jared Philpott

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