Monday, April 18, 2011


Hey Mom! :) Im still good haha my suits are good. i dont ever hardly have to wear the jacket, but i do need to get some more pants, and ones that i dont have to dry clean haha good to hear adam and jen are doing great haha im glad they got a house. hows adam liking his job? aww i miss dalling haha he´s sooo cute haha
my week has been pretty good. This sunday there were some dogs that came into the church, but no one did anything about it or even seemed to notice lol and some people just bring their dogs to church lol there are so many dogs here haha im pretty sure theres like 20 new breeds of dogs here that have never been discovered haha some of them are pretty cute and will follow you around for long time haha but some of them are really big and scary looking, but the people here are all mean to the dogs, so they dont do anything cuz they know theyll get punished. and if a dog does start barking and coming at you, all you have to do is bend down like you´re picking up a rock and they´ll take off running haha so yeah thats about all the "wildlife" there is in chili haha The people are whats interesting lol Oh and last night at this one appointment we were eating ...Once? Eleven is what it litterally means haha but its just a little evening meal, and we were having that coffee type stuff and bread with this meat that you squirt out of a little package haha it was good. after we were done they gave us some fruit to take home, just like a bunch of other people haha we have TONS of fruit in our house haha its ridiculous. So yeah that was fun. All the people are really nice here. its going to be hard to go back. and they always "salud" EVERYONE when they arrive or leave anywhere. Its also really nice when appointments make themselves haha people all the time just ask us when we´re coming back haha and at this one house theres a guy that is pretty good at speaking english, and lives with his mom, and he used to be a jehovas witness, and he wanted a book of mormon to read, and he asked me in english so his mom wouldnt understand, and he wants me to give it to him secretly, so we´ll see how thatr goes haha. The other cool person we met this week was Oscar. We were just walking down a random street, and my comp was like Uhhh this door. i was like alright... and we "knocked" and this couple opened the door, and we´re like hey were the missionaries, and they were like oh hey, yeah come on in! so we went in and started talking with them, and came to find out that Oscar has a bad cancer of the stomach, they call it 3rd cancer? idk. anyways and he´s doing Chemo Therapy and things arent looking good for him, so they were really grateful to talk to us. and it turns out they also have a daughter thats 18 and a son thats like 12 and another thats like 8, so if they start progressing well, this will be a really great family to start teaching. and they are all so nice. i would love to bring them into the kingdom..  So yeah the work is going good still. life is good haha :) One thing i would like yopu to send in the package are some nice pictures of our family. i dopnt have any really good ones, and the chileans love to pix of your family, so i need some to show to people :) thanks :) I miss and love you tons.
Love Elder Philpott

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