Monday, April 18, 2011


Glad you liked the pix! :) My comp is happy haha like all the time. i dont know how he does it haha. Glad eli had fun at prom. sounds fun. That really stinks about adam and jens house! man they never have it easy... :/ And yes tell grandma i did  get her package, and it was great! actually ill just type her and email that you can print up and give to her. lifes been good here. we have a baptism scheduled for the 30th and another 2 on may 7th or 8th. so be praying for those to work out please. :) i was supposed to go to concepcion for a training thing today, but i ended up not going. instead, we had a big meeting in Talca with the mission pres. it was good. we ate Mcdonalds for lunch haha cuz thats the only city around here that has one.but it was pretty disgusting... lol but i still ate 3 big macs, fries, cake thing, banana, apple, and orange juice for lunch lol safe to say i can eat like a chilean now hahaha we just got done playing soccer here in Curico`. it was great. freezing. but comp is really good at playing. well... he´s a crazy player anyway.. actually hes just crazy haha. but i kinda figured out why hes so crazy the other night. we got home kind of early, so we went and got something to eat and then just started telling eachother stuff about our lives haha and it turns out that before he joined the church when he was like 15 he used to go to a church with his unlce that did satanic rituals like sacrificing animals and letting demons into their bodies and they had the cut off head of a dead person in a box, it was creepy.... but i told him its cool that he was able to see both extremes of the spiritual spectrum on the earth and turn his life around with the gospel, and now he has a super strong testimony and has been in the temple and everything. i love the gospel. it really is so great and a shelter from the nasty things of the world that satan makes look like fun. like one day we were in the street and this guy was walkin g next to us that was So drunk he could barely walk and was using his bike to support him, and we walked him home, and he invited us in and started telling us that he wanted to stop drinking. and he showed us all these bills that he couldnt pay and said his daughter was going to kill himn cuz of it, and started crying and slobbering all over himself... it was so sad to see.. and thats when i decided im NEVER drinking ever.  So yeah thats what lifes like for me here haha its fun. i dont have much time today, so if you could tell everyone sorry i didnt send them anything and forward most of this to them, i would love it :) thanks mom you´re the best :) i love you, and miss all of you so much. see you in 20 months.
Love Elder Philpott

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