Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hey mom thanks for the email. i dont have much time again, so ill just send one weekly one again. Hope everyone understands.
So yeah lifes been fine here. Not much out of the ordinary. Teaching people, inviting them to church, waiting for them to show, getting deppressd when they dont. the usual haha But everyonce in awhile you have those moments that make it all worth it. And other moments that you wont ever forget. Like the other day we had our lunch with a member family of a mom and her daughter, and their grandmother. It was kind of a cold day, but it was warming up. and we went inside, and they had it really warm in there. Cuz they use this little furnace thing. and they just kept putting wood in it. So anyways, they served us this huge meal of bread and beans(Chileans love their beans) and hot chocolate and just tons of warm, filling food. and then after we ate, the mom had to go somewhere, and the daughter was still at school and wasnt goin to be back till like 4, and so we didnt want to leave the grandmother alone, so we sat down on the little incredibly compfy couch next to the furnace, and just started chatting with her while she was nitting something. and she just kept going on and on and on, and all we did was nod our heads every once in a while and say stuff like "oh yeah ill bet that was hard" or "haha wow i dont believe it!" So there i was in this really nice warm house, compfy couch, full to the brim with food, zoning in and out of the conversating, and i start to feel my head drooping, and i start to fall asleep lol so this is bad. and i start fighting to stay awake and trying to pay attention, but by this point my "translate" button is broken and i cant focus, so i start to look for ways to stay awake, like holding my breath and stuff but nothing works. Then when all hope seemed to be gone, i decided to save myself by putting my finger on the furnace about every 10 seconds or so to stay awake lol it worked amazingly well. then after what seemed like a year the daughter finally got home from school and we got up and went back outside for some fresh cool air lol so yeah that was pretty funny. and i probly wont forget that haha Chili is great. but there are some things i would really like to change. They have gambling machines in every coner store and anyother place you can think of. And out in the middle of the streets all the magazine racks sell porn. So a general rule here is to never look at the magazine racks haha but other than that, the people are great. and the teachings going good.
So anyways. thanks for being the best mom ever. i love you and miss you.
Love Elder Philpott

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