Monday, October 10, 2011


The weather here is getting hotter slowly, but its still freezing every night. but yeah chile is still good,the zone just got back from a good game of soccer. we had a baptism the other week, but we didnt get any of the people we wanted in church today :( so thats always a bummer, but the work goes on... ugh and one of the days this week it just randomly started POURING rain. like gigantic drops. and it was all coming from this big grey cloud above our city and all the way around it, it was a sunny nice day. it was wierd. and we just so happened to have door contacts planned for that hour. so we went out with our little umbrellas and knocked doors in the pouring rain. most of the people that came out just said we were nuts and that we should go home lol cuz by that time it started to actually thunder and lightning here! witch is SUPER rare here. and everytime you heard thunder all girls near by would jump and scream lol it was really funnny :D but no one let us in, and our feet got soaked. cuz there were rivers in like every street, cuz chile doesnt have the best drainage systems :P so that was dumb, but our shoes are dry now at least :P lol i have a new nickname here too, no one can pronounce Philpott, so they started calling me Elder Pitbull, like the rapper. lol but theres also a player on the chillean soccer team called that too. so now they all remember who i am at least lol but yeah thats about all thats been going on this week for me lol So thanks for the letter :) i miss you all so much and cant wait to see you all when i get back :) until then...
Elder Philpott

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