Monday, October 3, 2011


This week was good. we had conference, it wasnt in spanish, cuz we set up a room for the gringos to watch it in english, which always fun, we buy a bunch snacks before hand and then just pig out lol but i was listening at the same time too lol investigators... just one, but we were expecting 2 whole families that we´re working with, and they seemed really good, but it looks like we got some more work to do :P but on the bright side, the investigator that came (Jackson) was baptised after the evening session of conference :) so i guess you could say it was a good conference :) pix to come.... he even went to the preiesthood session that starts at 9 here and goes to 11 :P but he said he loved it, and the Profet was really funny. then later a bunch of missionaries stayed in our appartment cuz they didnt want to go all the way back to their sectors and then go back to the church, so we played a bunch of card games, and some people had to sleep on the floor lol then the next day at conference while we were watching it, one of the elders thot it was hot, so he opened a window and then hear a cat screaming as it fell past the window lol then we heard it hit the ground from 2 stories up lol i guess it was walking on top of the building and when he opened the window he scared it and it fell lol it was pretty funny :D well at least for me it was... haha the only real big thing that happened this week besides the bqaptism, was that we heard that one of the sisters in the ward that we recently re-activated had a panick attack, so we went over to see how their family was doing, cuz we know that she is a little emotionally unstable, so we went over and found out thatshe had actually tried to kill herself :( she was feeling overwhelmed with work and being a mother, so she wrote a suicide note and took some pills and then layed down on the couch, then her husband came in, read the note, went into shock and just sat down on the couch next to her. then in an inspired visit, her father in law came over to drop some empanadas off, and saw what was happening and then called the ambulance and saved her. so we just talked with them for a little bit sharred a scripture gave them a blessing and told them to go talk to the bishop cuz they were having some matrimonial problems too i guess. it was scary, but they seem good now. this is a very important job we have as missionaries, taking care of people souls.  it feels like a ton of responsability sometimes, im only glad i have the spirit to rely on, and its nothing that im really doing at all.
So yup. life is going on. the world is still turning. i still miss yall and love ya. stay safe please.
Love elder philpott

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