Monday, October 31, 2011


as for chile... things are good. we had 2 baptisms sunday. and they werent easy! we had to fight to get them there cuz they wanted their dad to be there who works out of town, so when he finally got there he told them that he didnt even want to go to the baptism :P so they didnt really wanna come if he wasnt there, but they came at the very end of church just in time for their baptism and had us nervous the whole time, cuz we announced it in sac. mtg and had already filled the font, so it would have been real embarrassing if they decided not to show up :P but they made it, and are now a part of the lords covenant people and have been cleaned from their sins, so i feel like they got a good deal ;)
And yes they do celebrate halloween here. but thats something recent that started. it kind of came from seeing it on the tv here lol so chile just kind of adopted that holiday lol and our ward hed a halloween activity that went pretty good. we had 2 investigators come, and i had to dress up... ill send pix... lol but it was good.
So this cambio is over and i just heard cambios today. my comp E Call is going to be a daddy and be a district leader. E Raley is gonna be a Zone Leader, and Me. Im gonna be a district leader too. And i getting sent to a place called Penco (pane-co) near the beach :) so im pretty excited to see how that will look. but its wierd thinking that im gonna be a district leader now :P hope the Lord knows what hes doin lol so things are about to get a little bit more crazy here... :P but its all good. hard to believe that at the end of this cambio ill have a year in the mission.
Elder Philpott

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