Saturday, October 29, 2011


Chiles still good. going to the beach today was probly the highlight of my week. we went there and played frisbee and football and ate some good food. the water was freezing, so i didnt have to many desires to go swimming anyways.
the investgators are good. Daniella is still crazy. jackson is still coming to church and says he wants to go on a mission actually, so needless to say, that would be sweet :) the work is going good. were getting some good numbers, but cambios are this monday, so well prbly get changed anyways now that we figured out how to work together :P who knows, i might be training a newbe. its called having a kid here, cuz yoiuy have to teach them how to do everything lol but think would be fun. id show him all the tricks haha but yeah not much different. im still pressing on.
Sorry this was short this week, but we just got back from our Zone Conference on the beach, 2 hours from her and I don't have much time.
Elder Jared Philpott

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